How can I enable push messenging?

DroidMessenger now supports push messenging for much faster message sending from the web and email. If you have an older version of DroidMessenger, when you start DroidMessenger on your phone for the first time after upgrading, it should enable push messenging (if your phone supports it, you need android 2.2 or greater). If you are still experiencing delays sending messages from the web or email, try stopping and starting the Droid Messenger service by using the start and stop service buttons in the application on your phone.

How can I send texts from my email? (Email to SMS gateway)

When you enable your premium account here you will be given an email address. To send a SMS message, you send an email to that email address, with the phone number or contact first name in the email subject. Alternatively, you can simply reply to any SMS messages that you have recieved in your email.

How can I forward texts to my email? (SMS to Email gateway)

When you enable your premium account here, SMS messages you recieve on your phone will be automatically forwarded to the email address you used when you signed up for DroidMessenger. You have the option of changing that email address to any email address you would like.

Are my messages or contacts shared with third parties?

Absolutely not. We do not share messages or contact information in any way with any third parties. Also as of DroidMessenger 2.0 all messages are transmitted securely over an SSL connection.

How long are my texts stored for?

Texts are currently stored for 3 days and then removed from the system. We are currently working on a text backup system, if you would like your texts to be backed up, please contact us here.

Does sending texts through DroidMessenger cost money?

DroidMessenger is an extension of your phone's SMS capabilities. It allows you to tell your phone to send SMS messages from the web, or email. The sending and recieving of SMS messages is still done through your phone, and your regular fees for sending SMS messages still apply.